Wood Trick Gun

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Wood Trick Gun

This gun model gives the feeling of holding a gun without fear of any risk. Your child can easily build this model out of the sixteen parts that make up the set. The result is elegant, beautiful and easy to use toys. Your child will be proud that he has been able to make this 3D designer gun with which he can continue playing.

The wooden 3D models from Wood Trick are perfect and beautiful to display at home. They are durable and have very popular designs. Each model is unique and attracts the attention of your guests. The set comes with clear, simple and very detailed instructions and illustrations. You just need to follow these instructions to build the set quickly and correctly. You do not even need glue to attach all the pieces together. Bring the whole family together to build the set and then play with it. By building these sets, your child's ability to plan and build his own structure or vehicle is encouraged as a true architect or engineer. Using safe and environmentally friendly wood from natural trees with no added poisons or glues, you can build your kit and proudly display it in your room! Even small children can play safely with Wood Trick sets without being afraid of exposure to harmful chemicals or dyes, although we recommend parental controls when small children build and play.

- No glue needed
- 50 parts
- Recommended age: 14 years or older
- Difficulty: Easy
- Installation time: +/- 30 minutes
- Includes: detailed manual with illustrations

Product information
- Product: Wood Trick Wooden Model Building - Gun
- Material: Eco-friendly plywood
- Dimensions: L 18 x W 12.5 x H 11.5 cm
- Color: Natural wood
- Packaging: Gift packaging
- Package dimensions: L 37 x W 18.5 x H 3.5 cm
- Package weight: 200 grams
- Brand: Wood Trick

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