Wood Trick Mill

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Windmühle Mühle Wood Trick

MECHANISCHE 3D PUZZLES Die in ihrer Art einzigartigen mechanische 3D Puzzles werden unter höchsten Qualitätsanforderungen aus hochwertigem Sperrholz in Europa hergestellt. Im Set sind alle Teile enthalten um ein funktionierendes Modell zusammenzubauen, es werden kein Kleber oder sonstige Werkzeugebenötigt. Dieser wurde so entwickelt und konzipiert, dass Sie ein einzigartiges mechanisches Modell zusammenbauen können.

Nevertheless, not only the mechanism is working inside the mill – look better, who is running up and down the stairs? The nice gnomes, the mill workers. Because mill is not only a wind mill, it also produces flour, and these plodding workers are working hard, they carry the bags. They have a whole production here! Such assembly set will never be boring, because operation of this mechanism may be watched all day long.

Each child dreams to get such a gift. And it becomes even more valuable, if it is assembled by him. Wood Trick construction sets are 3D puzzles which help to develop creative and spatial thinking, to learn the modelling skills; they contribute to the development of accurate motor activity of the hands. Develop yourself and play with our wood construction sets.

Our team creates the new assembly sets and upgrades traditional models as well. The bright example is Mechanic Mill, one of the most popular models; since now it is available with clockwork mechanism. In order to make it operate, you have to rotate the winder several times and release the brake lever. And now, even without the wind, the mill paddles will move wherever you want and as long as you wish.

- Material: umweltfreundliches Sperrholz
- Bewegung: Mechanisch
- Montage: Ohne Klebstoff
- Versammlung: Selbst
- Anzahl der Teile: 131
- Modellgröße, l * w * h *: 13,26 * 4,84 * 15,07 in 337 * 123 * 383 mm
- Verpackungsgröße, L * B * H * 14,56 * 7,28 * 1,96 Zoll (370 * 185 * 35 mm)
- Komplexität des Montagemittels
- Montagezeit 4 Stunden
- Gewicht des Modells in der Verpackung: 1,156 kg
- Empfohlenes Alter: 14+

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