906158 Brushless Set Waterproof 12T

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906158, Carson, Brushless Set Waterproof 12T

The new, water-resistant and sensorless brushless CARSON generation of drives is designed for more POWER + SPEED. The sensitive Shooter Sports brushless motor provides enormous torque and high efficiency for rapid acceleration and high top speed. His Dragster Sport throttle can be controlled very precisely and is also equipped for extreme applications with a fan.
The DRAGSTER SPORT RTR kit with nearly all the 1: 10 scale models compatible with type 540 motor size and fits in many Tamya models such as DT-02/03, TT-01/02, TT-02B and many more.
Sensorless Brushless Controller
- Forward / Brake / Reverse
- Suitable for 6-7 NiMH or 2 Li-Po cells
- Continuous current 10 A, 120 A short time
- Clock frequency 16 kHz
- Weight 86 g
- T-plug connector system

Brushless Motor 12T
- 3300 kV (U / min per volt)
- No-load speed 23,760 rev / min at 7.2 V
- Output power 430 watts
- Continuous current 60 A, 80 A short time
- Dimensions (ØxL): 35.8 x 55 mm
- Shaft diameter: 3.175 mm

Technical details:
- Engine Size Type 540
- 3 driving modes, Racing mode / Normal mode / Crawler mode
- Engine brake in neutral position
- LiPo undervoltage safety shutdown
- Acceleration (Punch) adjustable
- Maximum braking power adjustable
- Flexible silicone cable

Scope of delivery:
Brushless Set with detail and instruction manual in German

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