7361 1/72 KingTiger w/3rd Fallschirm Jäger-Div.

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1/72 Kingtiger w/3r Fallschirmjäger-Division


- 8 fully detailed figures in living poses in 1:72 scale
- Head, facial expression and clothing are carefully modeled
- All weapons, including Kar98k, G43, MP40, MP44 and MG42, show an extraordinary 1:72 scale of detail
- Standard equipment such as water bottles, cookware and binoculars in realistic reproduction

- Tower consists of bidirectional slide molds with very fine detailing
- Upper tub and lower tub made of bidirectional Slide Molds
- Muzzle brake in slide-mold technology with great detail
- Realistically detailed, injection-molded tow rope
- DS chains for easy installation
- New decal sheets from Cartograf

About this kit:
This new kit in 1:72 scale shows a King Tiger with Henschelturm, which is manufactured to the highest standards. For model makers on a small scale, however, especially the brand-new figures of German paratroopers in 1:72 scale will be interesting. The eight figures, based on the 1:35 scale models released earlier, allow the modeler to recreate the famous scene of soldiers marching on board a King Tiger in the Battle of the Bulge.

The redesigned figures are simply the best the market has ever offered. The disassembly into individual parts is technically excellent solved and the parts can be assembled in the simplest way. The model designers have been waiting for years, some even for decades, for figures with such a high degree of detail and perfection. The weapons and personal equipment of the figures are amazingly accurate and finely detailed. The poses are natural and anatomically correct. There are no concerns about missing undercuts, as is often the case with 1:72 soft plastic figures. And thanks to Dragons injection molding technology, there are no problems with unsightly burrs. Also, the modeler does not have to worry about the type of adhesive or possible problems with dissolving paint, as the figures are made of Dragons hard plastic material. In short, it is fair to say that these 3rd FJ Division figures ushered in a new era of 1/72 scale plastic figures. And what about the King Tiger who is still in the box? There is a bonus!

Dragon nummer: 7361

EAN nummer: 0089195873613

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