74152 Ratcheting Screwdriver Pro W/(+) Bit/L

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Ratcheting Screwdriver Pro W/(+) Bit/L

This screwdriver’s ratcheting handle with precision 72T gear gives swift, smooth motion and no need to re-grip as you work on tightening or loosening screws during the assembly process. Change quickly between tightening, loosening and lock modes using the tab on the handle, and use the fingertip actuated Quick Rotation grip for speedy work on looser screws. This product includes a precision bit gentle on Phillips screw heads.

- Ratcheting Screwdriver x1
- (+) Bit (L) x1
- Ratcheting action (using 72T gear) removes the need to change grip when rotating the screwdriver, lessening the chance of the screw angle changing, and the attendant risk of screw head stripping or damage.
- Features a comfortable and secure grip.
- The smaller Quick Rotation grip can be used to quickly tighten loosen screws.
- A tab on the grip facilitates quick changing between tightening, loosening and lock modes.
- The included L size bit (100mm long) is crafted in chromium-vanadium steel, and is compatible with 3-5mm plus (+) head screws. It is magnetic.
- A redesigned head for the bit fits smoothly and securely into screw heads, further minimizes the chances of damage to the screw.
- Bits can be exchanged – this product is compatible with 6.35mm hex bits longer than 60mm, and with a shank length in excess of 45mm, such as Items 69932 and 69933.

Tamiya number: 74152

EAN nummer: 4950344741526

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