58365 1/12 RC Midnight Pumpkin Chrome

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1/12 RC Midnight Pumpkin Chrome

Since its first release, Midnight Pumpkin has been a Tamiya favorite thanks to its classic 1950's pick-up truck style combined with oversized tires for stomping performance on the track. This updated stylish version of Midnight Pumpkin features all the popular characteristics of the original, combined with a black-metallic body and silver- plated wheels for a more eye catching appearance. The body, and parts H and J are plated using an advanced vacuum plating technique. Other parts remain the same as original kit, with new packaging used to easily distinguish this limited item from original kit version. A great product for Midnight Pumpkin fans or R/C drivers wanting a good looking and fun product.

Specs & Features
- Gear Ratio: 14.7:1
- Body: PS injection molded with black metallic finish
- Frame: ABS box type
- Suspension: front independent swing axle & rear rolling rigid
- Motor: 540 Type Motor Included
- Comes with high performance 101BK ESC (electronic speed controller)
- Includes wheelie bar for wild stunts

Tamiya nummer: 58365

EAN: 4950344583652

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