1/10 RC Dark Impact White Edition DF-03

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4WD Dark Impact White Ver. - DF03 Off-Road Buggy

This 1/10 scale 4WD buggy is specially designed to excel in off-road buggy driving fun. It features a mid-rear mounted motor and longitudinally mounted battery for optimum balance for jumping. The battery itself is inserted through the bottom of the chassis, eliminating the need to remove the body, which makes routine maintenance easy and quick. The high performance shaft drive 4WD is combined with a double wishbone suspension system featuring extra-long suspension arms for improved stability and off-road handling. This version of the Dark Impact comes molded in all white parts and is only available for a short limited time.

Product Specifications (Specifications subject to change)

Type Detail
Scale 1/10
Construction type Assembly kit
Terrain use Off-Road
Drive-train 4WD
Drive type Gearbox
Drive line Dog bone
Differential type Ball pressure plate
Suspension Fully independent double wishbone
Steering mechanism Bell-crank
Shock damper Oil-filled damper
Shock damper material Plastic
Tire type Rubber
Tire tread Pin spike
Body material Polycarbonate
Chassis material Plastic
Electronic Speed Control (ESC) Not included
ESC model N/A
LED Light buckets No
LED lights No
Motor 540-brushed type
Bearings Shielded ball bearing
Adjustable camber Yes
Adjustable toe angles Front only
Adjustable ground clearance Yes
Adjustable gear ratio Yes
Adjustable wheelbase Fixed
Adjustable track width Fixed
Adjustable shock angle Yes
Special feature 1 Both chassis parts and the distinctive Dark Impact body come molded in White.
Special feature 2 The battery pack is attached in a longitudinal position.
Special feature 3 Comes with large dish wheels and Dual Block Tires Type K, which offer outstanding grip thanks to their high density spike pattern.
Special feature 4 The original Dark Impact stickers have been given a new color scheme.
Special feature 5 Torque-tuned motor is included.
Requires A 7.2 battery & charger
Requires B 2-channel radio gear & electronic speed control
Requires C Polycarbonate paint


Tamiya nummer: 84400



    Art.-Nr. Benaming    
T0555108 0555108, DF-03 Body with Wing Dark Kopen + details
T51000 51000, Hi-Torque Servosaver zwart Kopen + details
T9400411 9400411, DF-03 Gear Parts Bag (MK) Kopen + details
T9400413 9400413, DF-03 Joint Cup Bag (MJ) Kopen + details
T0225073 0225073, DF-02/03 Y-Parts Damper Kopen + details
T53588 53588, RC 10mm Shim Set - 3 Types Kopen + details
T53601 53601 TRF 5mm Adjuster Low Friction (8) Kopen + details
T53984 53984 DF03/DB02/DB01 Buggy Racing Wing Kopen + details
T53948 53948 DF03 Alu Propeller Cup Joint 1p Kopen + details
T51251 51251, DF03 D-Parts Rear Upright/Hub Kopen + details
T51252 51252, DF03 E-Parts Suspension Arm Kopen + details
T51250 51250 DF03 C-Parts Front Kopen + details
T51249 51429, DF03 B-Parts Damper Stay Kopen + details
T51248 51248, DF03 Spur Gear Set (4) Kopen + details
T51247 51247, DF03 Bevel Gear Set (5) Kopen + details
T53925 53925 DF03 Slipper Set Kopen + details
T51100 51100, TB Evo.IV/DF-03 Flanged Tube Kopen + details
T9400417 9400417, DF-03 Screw Bag A (MA) Kopen + details
T9400420 9400420, DF-03 Screw Bag D (MD) Kopen + details
T3505054 3505054, DF03 Pinion Gear 26 Teeth Alu Kopen + details
T53923 53923 DF03 Pinion Gear 27/29 Teeth Kopen + details
C900137 900137 1/10 Wheel-Set Stunt Warrior (4) Kopen + details
T0440210 0440210, DF-03 Buggy-Wheels DF-Dish Kopen + details
T51090 51090, TB Evo.IV/V/DF-03 Ball Bearing Kopen + details
T9335449 9335449, DF-03 Chassis Kopen + details
T0115365 0115365, DF-03 M-Parts Spur gear cover Kopen + details
T0004432 0004432 DF-03 A-Parts Front/Rear Kopen + details
T9495487 9495487, Sticker Dark Impact Kopen + details

9335449, DF-03 Chassis

    Art.-Nr. Benaming    
T9335449 9335449, DF-03 Chassis Kopen + details

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