54881 TRF Adjustable Suspension Mount A (XA-C)

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TRF Adjustable Suspension Mount A (XA-C)

These parts are a new concept in Tamiya suspension mounts, using different bushings to allow adjustment of the following parameters: toe angle, tread, roll center and skid (caster) angle! There are three different types of mount, each with different dimensions. The bushings sprue contains 7 pairs of different bushing types, each type with a different hole for the suspension shafts, giving a total of 25 potential shaft offset positions.

Contents/Information • Aluminum Adjustable Suspension Mount (A) x1 • Bushings Sprue x1 • This mount allows settings between XA and C (toe angles depend upon separate suspension mounts and bushings used). • Mount has the iconic Tamiya blue anodized finish. • Compatible with TRF419, TA07 and TB-05 chassis cars.

Tamiya nummer: 54881

EAN: 4950344548811

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