51643 TRF420 Differential & Pulley Case (37T)

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TRF420/TA07 Diff/Pulley Case 37T

This is a spare pulley plastic part for the TRF420 racing chassis machine. Use it to replace worn out pulleys in your drivetrain to keep your car running efficiently and smooth.

- TRF420 37T Differential Pulley x1
- TRF420 Differential Case x1
- 0.2mm & 0.3mm Shims x2 each
- The new design not only provides a weight savings of 1.5g, but also provides less oil leakage compared to previous designs.
- Compatible with TRF420 and TA07 chassis cars.

Tamiya number: 51643

EAN nummer: 4950344516438

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