Wood Trick Vintage Clock

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Wood Trick Vintage Clock

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Clocks both help us in our everyday lives to avoid being late, but they are also an important reminder of the past. Trends of the current century are gradually reviving the elements of the Victorian era to the modern-day, and are gaining increased popularity from both cultural and historical points of view.

Wood Trick presents an exclusive, new wooden model – “The Vintage Clock.” This souvenir, collectible model will become an exceptional supplement to your interior design, and an excellent addition to your Wood Trick collection. “The Vintage Clock” is made in the style of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This model utilizes only high-quality materials for the creation of this clock, and conformed the production with the manufacturing techniques and characteristics that are found in the vintage style. This clock is equipped with a smooth movement mechanism and clock hands of the highest class. The unique aspect of this clock is the inclusion of a hidden compartment that can serve as a space for storing jewelry and other precious items.

“The Vintage Clock” by Wood Trick is an ideal addition to both an office space as a great addition to work atmosphere, as well as in a home, where it will attract attention of your guests. Do not settle for simple decorations in your home, and instead enhance your interior design with Wood Trick!

Every Wood Trick model:
- enhances creative thinking skills,
- promotes critical thinking skills,
- develops problem-solving and reasoning skills.

- Country: Ukraine
- Brand: Wood Trick
- Material. Eco friendly plywood
- Movement. Mechanical
- Assembly. Without glue
-Assembly: Self
- Quantity of parts: 134
- Model size, l*w*h*: 95*190*310 mm
- Packing size, l*w*h*: 370*185*50 mm
- Complexity of assembly: medium
- Assembly time: 4-5 hours
- Weight of the model in package: +/-950gram
- Recommended Age: 14+


Artikelnummer: WTR00033
EAN: 4820195190944

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