Wood Trick Monster Truck

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Wood Trick Monster Truck

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Your child is just crazy about the Monster Truck?

Present this unique puzzle with their favorite character to them. The wooden model “Monster Truck” by Wood Trick will also interest adults who like to play with various construction sets or just collect 3D models.

This Monster Truck prototype is equipped with a spring motor. In order to start it up you have to make 8 or 9 full turns of a handle, which will set this off-road vehicle in motion. If assembled correctly, the car easily covers a distance of 5 or 6 meters.

Despite the seeming complexity of this model, it may be assembled within 6 to 8 hours. That can be done not only by an adult, but also by a child. Such a procedure helps to develop fine motor skills and captures even of a nimble fidget for quite a time. And after assembling you can play with this Monster all evenings long.

The car looks very realistic from both outside and inside. This souvenir collectable model will become a great Birthday, New Year or Christmas present for a child, but moreover, grown up men would also wish to obtain it. An assembled wooden Monster Truck will enlarge your 3D puzzle collection or just become an original designer piece of interior decoration.

- Country: Ukraine
- Brand: Wood Trick
- Material. Eco friendly plywood
- Movement. Mechanical
- Assembly. Without glue
-Assembly: Self
- Quantity of parts: 556
- Model size, l*w*h*: 370*185*50 mm
- Packing size, l*w*h*: 210*130*160 mm
- Complexity of assembly: Difficult
- Assembly time: 8 hours
- Weight of the model in package: +/-1240gram
- Recommended Age: 14+


Artikelnummer: WTR00050
EAN: 4820195191859

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