54887 TRF420 Toe Control Rear Suspension

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Tamiya 54887 TRF420 Toe Control Rear Suspension Set

Aim for optimum toe angle at all times on your TRF420 chassis by fitting it with
this brand new set, which allows rear toe to change as you corner! Toe can have a
significant effect on the performance of your car. Toe-in (wheels angled inwards)
emphasizes straight line driving, while toeout (wheels angles outward) focusses on
performance through corners.

Set Information
- The components in this set are for use in place of TRF420 kit-standard rear uprights.
- They work by allowing rear toe angle to change dynamically as your car navigates a corner - it is caused to
do so by the turnbuckle, which is moved as the suspension arm rises and falls when the car turns.
- Aluminum caster blocks ensure that the suspension has the durability to withstand changes in toe while the
car is moving.
- Spacers can be used to change the turnbuckle shaft angle, and therefore the base toe angle.

Set Contents:
- Aluminum Caster Blocks (L/R) x1 each Carbon Fiber Upright Arms x2 Aluminum Uprights x2
- Aluminum Lower Mounts x2 Mount Posts x2 5mm Adjusters x8
- Aluminum 3x32mm Turnbuckle Shafts x2
- Ball Connectors, Screws, Shims, etc. for attachment are also included.

Tamiya nummer: 82175

EAN: 4950344548873

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